In memory of that, which hasn't passed away yet...

Painting is a state of mind. My paintings are based on my everyday life: the reality that surrounds me in the land of change that is Poland. From local subjects leads the way to the universal values, the - so called- human condition. In my works, the present coexists with the past. The past feeds on my personal memories, as well as the collective subconscious. I believe that beauty always lies in the truth.

I often use a photographic camera to capture things of inetrest, parts of the surrounding reality. I simplify shapes and colors to get the ones that are absolutely necessary from a formal point of view, as well as for conveying the mood of a particular scene. Acrylic paint is my main artistic medium. Form has to always follow the content and it has to be in tune with the thought or the subject matter. Innovation, to me, is a part of the painterly tradition (which I value).

I've been a founding member of Artyści Zaściankowi (Provincial Artists) Group (established in 2007). The group creates art "In the memory of that, which hasn't passed away yet" (as our manifesto states). We focus on finding visual means to represent the obscured, the transitional aspects of our Polish reality. Aside from painting, we also create short video works, photographs; we also publish a Polish language blog. Our creative output has been exhibited in major Polish cities and noted in artistic magazines. At times it can also be seen in the outdoors as street posters or a colorful Trabant car used to advertise the group.

I mostly paint, but I also write, film, take photographs. I teach classes on all of these subjects.

Bartosz Milewski (born: 1975) received a BFA in Painting and Video from Cornish College of The Arts (Seattle, USA) in 2001. In 2008 he received a Masters Degree in painting from Fine Arts Acamedy in Cracow, Poland (under prof. Andrzej Bednarczyk) and in 2012 - doctorate degree in fine arts

He had a number of solo and group shows. Among others at: Galeria Entropia, Galerii BWA Studio in Wrocław, Poland, Galeria SD, Warsaw, Arte Moderna Dalla Polonia, Galleria Poliedro, Triest, Itally, 2010. Competition exhibits: Triennale Of Painting for Young Painters, Galeria Miejska, Częstochowa; Sarcrum Profanum, Galeria Miejska, Częstochowa.

Co-founder of Artyści Zaściankowi (Provincial Artists) Group, with which he took part in all of their exhibts: In the Memory of That, Which Hasn't Passed Away Yet, Galeria Lamelli, Cracow 2007; Crative Arts Centre, Wrocław 2007; Muzeum UMCS, Lublin 2008, Cracow (not) in a day, Galeria Lamelli, Cracow 2009, Province Is In Everybody, Galeria Schody, Warsaw, 2009 East/West, Galeria Promocyjna, Warsaw, 2010; as well as the auction for EXIT Magazine, Warsaw, 2010.

He mostly paints, also photographs, publishes his writings and was the editor in chief of two underground magazines. A co-author of a polish language blog by Provincial Artists ( His independent film "Oceans" had its premiere at the Denver International Starz Festival in 2002. He creates short poetic/documental video forms and films exhibits and activities of the art group he is a member of.

Milewski also conducts classes, teaching painting, film, photography and creative writing.

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past painting painting - past?
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moblile: +48 784 106 751 O!Photo: site of Anna Geziuk's and Barosz Milewski's company devoted to quality commercial photography, short film production and some graphic design. Polish language at the moment Artyści Zaściankowi (Provincial Artists') official website. Manifesto, history, photos of shows and activities, painting and photo galeries. Polish language only. Artyści Zaściankowi (Provincial Artists') blog by Bartosz Milewski and Karol Wilk, on art, architecture, and things that haven't passed away yet, as well as updates on the activities of the group. trailers, gallery shows and other works documented, provincial videos and one interview.

Photo galleries by Agata Grzegorczyk-Milewska (1978-2009) and Agata herself, the way we remeber her. ABRYS, School of photography and design in Wroclaw, Poland - polish language site